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Court Gives Mayans Victory Over Guatemalan Government and Mining

Rick Kearns 8/31/14 A Guatemalan court has ordered that the Mayan community of Sipacapa has the right to be consulted for any mining or energy project and that the Los Chocoyos mining permit, issued to the Entre Mares Company in 2012 by the Energy and Mining Ministry, is illegal. The Protection Tribunal of the Guatemalan […]


Oklahoma State Fans Hold ‘Trail of Tears’ Banner for College GameDay

ICTMN Staff 8/30/14 A group of Oklahoma State University football fans have sparked outrage for a sign they created to hold during ESPN’s GameDay football-preview show. The Oklahoma State Cowboys play the Florida State Seminoles tonight in a game in Arlington, Texas. The fans in question evidently felt that referencing a historical tragedy would be […]


Video: N. Scott Momaday Reads Poetry and Tells Kiowa Stories at the Heard Museum

“My masters thesis focused primarily on N. Scott Momaday’s work–House Made of Dawn and The Way to Rainy Mountain.  He is the Native writer that has most influenced my fiction writing.  Not only do we both have a Kiowa/Cherokee connection, but we both, now, have a New Mexico connection.  An amazing man and a tremendous force […]


Native American Comedian: The Funny & Talented Tatanka Means

I like to cruise the Youtube and search for Native comedians in my “laugh often” frame of mind.  I stumbled upon a Native comedian I haven’t seen before.  His name is Tatanka Means.  One of my former Native staff at my previous employment mentioned that he knew him at one point, but I never sought […]


Cherokee National Treasure Inductees & Traditional Masks

I was surprised to find this video.  It’s on Cherokee National Treasure inductees.  I was looking for something on traditional Cherokee Bugger Masks because my short story “Time Like Masks” uses the traditional masks as symbol for overcoming fear.  I’ll be ePublishing this short story in the not too distant future.  I wanted to share […]

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Kiowa Fiction: “Our Dance” a Contemporary Native American Story

I’m an emerging Kiowa/Cherokee writer seeking support as I traverse the many obstacles of the publishing industry. A copy of “Our Dance” is only .99 cents–a small amount for a funny and entertaining story about young Kiowas receiving their “per cap.”  If you purchase the story and you enjoy my writing, leave a great review (five stars) and your generous words will help.  Great […]

Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life: Amazon Bestseller in Two Categories “Short Reads” and “Native American”

Beautiful Life:  Amazon Bestseller in Two Categories “Short Reads” and “Native American”

I posted a few hours ago to let everyone know some great news.  I made it onto Amazon’s bestseller list!  I just checked back again and I noticed that I now made it onto Amazon’s bestseller list in two categories:  Fiction Short Reads and Native American Literature.  What a great day! Here is a link if you would like […]

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Underground Culture: The Kiowa Gourd Dance

Underground Culture: The Kiowa Gourd Dance

Here is a video that showcases gourd dance culture.  Gourd Dancing is a custom traditionally practiced by the Kiowa and Comanche, but we were gifted this dance from the Arapaho.  Because the dance is a gift we must dance it as a way of honoring that exchange. Today other tribes dance the gourd dance in their […]

Unexplainable Spirit

Unexplainable Spirit!: Floating Angels & Vanashing Men

Unexplainable Spirit!:  Floating Angels & Vanashing Men

This series follows the odd and peculiar things that have happened to me in my lifetime. These are occurrences that are “unexplainable” to me. I’d like to add, with this post, to a previous post that I had about ghosts. After writing the last one, I realized that I had left out two other occurrences. […]


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