Saving Native Languages and Culture in Mexico With Computer Games

Article by Rick Kearns at Indian Country Today 9/21/14 Indigenous children in Mexico can now learn their mother tongues with specialized computer games, helping to prevent the further loss of those languages across the country. “Three years ago, before we employed these materials, we were on the verge of seeing our children lose our Native languages,” […]

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Holy Cows, Batman!: Impressive eBook Hauls for eReaders

Here are three short videos about personal eBook hauls, with great suggestions for your eReading experience.  Some people have hundreds of books on their eReaders and compile a long list.  I’m always impressed by individuals who have the ability to acquire so many books on their eReading devices.  I have a good number of books […]


Viejas Birdsingers’ Gathering Shares Rich Traditions

Article by Diana Saenger at Indian Country Today 9/20/14 An estimated crowd between 800 – 1,000 attended the 16th annual Viejas Birdsingers’ Gathering on August 16, 2014. Tribal members from the north and as far as the southwest and Grand Canyon attended the event including: the Cuhuilla’s from Riverside, California; Cocopah’s from Arizona; the Hualapai and […]

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What’s the Diff?: Literary Vs. Genre and How Native Lit Fits

Genre fiction is often described as a form of entertainment, like watching an action flick.  Literary fiction is also called “Serious Fiction,” like watching an independent film.   The best way to distinguish the difference between the two is that literary fiction does not want to escape reality, instead it wants to confront reality and […]

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A Real Cherokee on Cherokee Princesses: Why Cherokee is the Default Tribe for Loosely Connected Peoples

It stings a little.  You hear this running joke all the time between Natives.  “Oh, her grandmother was a Cherokee princess,” they’ll say when someone who is loosely connected to Cherokee people mentions their Indigenous lineage.  It’s meant to make fun of white people who claim Indigenous heritage but have no connection to the culture.  […]

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Get In’din Lit!: Oscar Hokeah (Native Writer Award) Offers Literary Fiction Short Stories

              Try modern Kiowa and Cherokee short stories.  I’m born and raised In’din Oklahoma, and I write literary fiction from a contemporary Kiowa and Cherokee perspective.  Two short stories are available for your reading pleasure.  “Our Dance” is a funny story about Kiowa “per cap.”  “Time Like Masks” is […]


Stop Damming Indians: Dancing Against Shasta Dam Raise

Article by Marc Dadigan at Indian Country Today 9/18/14 On the second day of the Winnemem Wintu’s War Dance at Shasta Dam, dancer Rob Wilson circled the sacred fire, crouching low, pounding the grass with his bare feet and exhaling a deep, guttural “hee” with every step. Chief and Spiritual Leader Caleen Sisk said she immediately […]

Unexplainable Spirit

Unexplainable Spirit!: Floating Angels & Vanashing Men

Unexplainable Spirit!:  Floating Angels & Vanashing Men

This series follows the odd and peculiar things that have happened to me in my lifetime. These are occurrences that are “unexplainable” to me. I’d like to add, with this post, to a previous post that I had about ghosts. After writing the last one, I realized that I had left out two other occurrences. […]


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