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Cliche In’din or White-Washed In’din?: Popular Media Depictions of Minority Characters & an Indigenous Response

I’m gonna be really real about some In’din stuff.  But I guess my readers already expect that out of me.  Not gonna change, home-slice.  Okay, so I’ve been noticing a trend.  This has been happening over the last few years.  There is a movement, or maybe it’s not a movement, I don’t know but I’ve […]


The Thinks You Can Think: On Racist Hatemongers & Neo-Colonialism

I wash myself in the smoke, ridding all racist intentions in the world.  Wake up in the mornings and pray for the entire planet because you’re supposed to pray for everyone.  But those racists can’t stand the thought of a Native centric story where Natives are heroes for other Natives.  Instead of “A Man Called Horse” coming in to […]

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Beauty of Tribal Diversity: Oscar Hokeah’s Short Stories Juxatpose Kiowa & Cherokee Cultures

              We come together through a common history of genocide and oppression.  Few outsiders understand the beauty in tribal diversity.  Each tribe has its own culture, language, and spiritual practices.  I break down those homogenous stereotypes in my literary fiction.  “Our Dance” is a funny story about Kiowa “per […]

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Unexplainable Spirit!: Random Images in the Waking State

I’ve been posting about my experiences with shapeshifters, ghosts, aliens, and detached shadows.  Now I’m going to touch on dreamlike phenomenon as a part of my “Unexplainable Spirit!” series.  Unlike the previous posts in this series, I’m not going to be writing about an external experience I had with something “unexplainable,” instead I’m going to […]


Biggest Climate March in History a Watershed Moment for Indigenous Peoples

Article by Theresa Braine at Indian Country Today 9/22/14 Monumental. Empowering. Unifying. Such were the strong sentiments evoked among Indigenous Peoples who helped lead off the People’s Climate March on September 21. “In a word, empowering,” said Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Nation actress and activist. “Not just for personal reasons, [but] because of everyone who came out […]


Will I be Heard?: Praying in English Instead of a Tribal Language

I commend everyone who has had the opportunity to learn their tribal language and have the ability to use their language on a daily basis. I don’t speak my languages fluently. In fact, living in New Mexico has made me lose a great deal of the little I already knew. While a graduate student at […]

Unexplainable Spirit

Unexplainable Spirit!: Floating Angels & Vanashing Men

Unexplainable Spirit!:  Floating Angels & Vanashing Men

This series follows the odd and peculiar things that have happened to me in my lifetime. These are occurrences that are “unexplainable” to me. I’d like to add, with this post, to a previous post that I had about ghosts. After writing the last one, I realized that I had left out two other occurrences. […]


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